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Home Computer, Buying A

Author: Better Business Bureau

Buying a home computer requires some important personal research. First, decide why you want a computer, how it will be used, and who will use it. This information will determine things such as: size of screen, type of printer, and amount of memory or storage space. Children's games and other simulations, for example, typically require much larger available memory than any other computer applications like spreadsheets or word processing programs. Almost all computers, however, can be upgraded.

Frequently, computer system components are bundled to include the computer, the VDT screen, and the printer. This package may also include a subscription contract to an Internet service provider. Various types of software or programs may be included as well.

Find out what level of service is offered, including telephone technical support and whether repair service may be performed in your home or you will have to take it in to a repair facility. Besides the standard warranty, at extra cost, you may be offered an extended service contract, known also as an extended warranty. Study all terms.

These bundled packages may offer consumers rebates from the seller, the manufacturer, or Internet service provider. To obtain multiple rebates, read and follow all directions carefully. This can substantially lower your cost and is another reason to save carefully copies of all receipts, contracts, and paperwork connected with your purchase.

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