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Author: Better Business Bureau

When you purchase a garment, keep in mind the care that will be required - whether washable or dry-clean only. Read and save all tags and labels about the garment's construction. Do not assume that you will extend the life of a garment by dry-cleaning it even when the care label says it is washable.

To find a good dry cleaner, get references from friends and relatives. Getting the most from your dry cleaner is really a cooperative effort. When you bring laundry in for cleaning, identify the types of fabrics, garments, special buttons or trim, and problem areas. In some cases you may wish to go to a cleaner who specializes in leather, suede, or fake fur. If you drop off your cleaning, pin notes or leave instructions for special problem areas or any unlabelled garments. When you identify stains and your expectations beforehand, the drycleaner can more readily explain the limitations of the service before any misunderstandings arise.

When you pick up your garments, inspect it immediately, even within the store, and ask for the company's help in solving problems. Dry cleaning companies may be more willing to consider adjustments if brought to their attention immediately. In some cases responsibility for damages may lie with the manufacturer or retailer.

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