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Day Care Facilities

Author: Better Business Bureau

Once you have a general idea of the type of childcare services you need, the following practical considerations should be taken: Location, education, hours of operation, and cost & transportation.

When looking for a child care service, consider checking the following:

Friends, colleagues, and neighbors;
Church, club and civic organizations;
City, county and state government;
Yellow pages of your phone book under child care, day care, nursery schools, preschools and kindergartens;
Local school authorities to see what programs they offer; local colleges that have early education programs.
Ohio law requires all childcare providers to have an open door policy that allows you to stop in anytime to observe their children's activities. If you find out that a child care center will not allow such a policy, look elsewhere for care and report the violation to the Ohio Department of Human Services. Ohio law also requires licenses for all childcare providers who care for more than six children.

Ask about the daily schedule. While planned activities are important, there should also be scheduled times for rest and unstructured play.

What is the facility's discipline policy? Look at the center's rules and find out how they discipline when the rules are broken. The discipline should be consistent with how you discipline the child.

Finally, if you have any further questions about childcare, you can contact the Ohio Attorney General's Children's Protection Section at (614) 644-8066, or your county children services agency.

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