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Cleaning/Carpet Cleaning

Author: Better Business Bureau

The uniqueness of each customer's home, needs, type of carpet, and stains complicate getting quality carpet service.

To select a carpet cleaner, look first at the type of your carpet and any warranty. Special carpet care may be noted and many newer carpets are guaranteed to enable easy removal of all stains. Manufacturers of those carpets will provide adjustments if carpeting fails to come clean. Before calling a company, decide on how much of your carpeting you want to have cleaned. When you get a price quote, clarify the costs of any extra services like spot removal, preconditioning, or moving furniture.

With this information, call and compare prices and services from several companies. Refuse to be pressured into services you do not want and be wary of companies who use enticing low prices as a bait and switch tactic. Note that, in Ohio if the sale of extra services is made in your home rather than at the business's brick and mortar location, you have a three-day cooling off period during which you may reconsider and cancel any of these extra sales or services.

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