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Author: Better Business Bureau

When dealing with a caterer or other food service company, remember the following: If dealing with a caterer get a signed, written, and dated copy of the contract. This should include the price per guest and total price, specific menu items (including any alternates, if applicable). The contract should also note whether alcohol is served and what beverages will be included. Also look for the date and time of delivery, set-up and take-down charges.

Ask what will happen with any leftover food. Will the caterer take it back, or will you be able to bring it home? Ask about refund and exchange policies if the event is cancelled. Note the cut-off time for any menu changes that may be necessary. These may include either quantity or changes in the side dishes, meats. Make sure you to confirm the final number of dinners that will be served.

If you have any problems or complaints with a restaurant that cannot be resolved at the restaurant itself, contact:

Restaurant Owners Association of Greater Cincinnati
127 West Ninth Street, Suite 1
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 421-4272

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