Benefits of Accreditation


For over 80 years, Better Business Bureau has been known as a tireless advocate for the highest standards of business-honesty, integrity, fairness and responsibility. According to a Gallup Survey, 98% of all Americans are aware of the Better Business Bureau and 85% of all Americans prefer to do business with a BBB Accredited Business.

Accreditation Benefits Include

Market Your Accreditation

Businesses who meet the strict standards for BBB Accreditation, can proudly display the BBB plaque, a visible symbol of commitment to the highest standards of business. The BBB seal identifies you as a responsible business that not only practices these ideals, but supports the mission of the BBB in the community, as well. In addition, accredited businesses can display the BBB seal in advertising and promotional materials.
BBB Accredited Business Only Service.

Search by Business Categories

Find just BBB Accredited Business or all listings for any business category. As a member, you're differentiated from the general listings.
BBB Accredited Business Only Service.

Charity Reports

Investigate before you donate! Each year businesses receive solicitations from many charities. Get the information you need on local, regional or national charities through the BBB's Charity Education Services. Both the public and charities benefit from increased confidence in giving. These Standards also promote responsibility and ethical practices by charitable organizations. Find out if a charity meets the BBB's Standards for Charity Accountability. Call or click anytime for a report on a charity before you give.

Business Reports

Obtain information on a business' performance in the marketplace. Whether it's for your company or you personally, the information you need to make an informed decision is one call away.

Dispute Resolution

Your BBB assists in the resolution of disputes between a business and its customer. If you have a marketplace dispute, BBB can offer you several ways to resolve it. This may include conciliation, mediation and/or arbitration. BBBs have a national reputation for fairness because they remain neutral in a dispute. No-cost mediation and arbitration are
Accredited Business Only Services.

Advertising Review

The Advertising Review Program promotes ethical and fair advertising and selling practices. You may request a preview of your ad to ensure that your ad complies with state and federal advertising regulations and the National BBB Code of Advertising.

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