Inquire or Complain about a Local Charity



Inquire (“Tell Us”) About a Charity

BBB reports on charities at the request of donors. Donors can let us know about a charity by completing our online form. BBB Wise Giving Reports typically take between 5 and 8 week to develop. (Charities can also initiate the process on their own by completing our Application for Accreditation.)

Complain About a Charity

BBB accepts complaints on charities in an effort to help resolve donor, client, and/or program service recipient concerns. The information you provide will be forwarded to the charity for their response. From that point, BBB seeks to facilitate a resolution between you and the charity.

BBB strongly encourages you to contact the charity, if possible, prior to filing a complaint to see if your concerns can be resolved. If your concerns remain, there are two ways in which you can file a complaint on a charity:

First, you can file a complaint using our convenient online form.

Second, you can mail a letter with the charity’s name, address, and details of your concerns, to:

BBB, Attn: Charity Education Services
7 West Seventh Street, Suite 1600
Cincinnati, OH 45202

For either of these options, if you would like a response from the charity, please include your name, an address where we can reach you by mail or email, and your phone number. Please note that BBB accepts anonymous complaints on charities, although we encourage you to provide your information so you may work towards a resolution with the charity.