Get Accredited


Across the United States and Canada, millions of requests for information on local and national charities are made to your BBB each year. Find out how your charity can participate in our program and take advantage of the opportunity to provide information to interested donors.

For National Charities

If your organization is a national charity that solicits nationwide and wishes to be the subject of an Alliance report that will appear on, you are in the right place. Our reports summarize basic facts about a charity's governance, programs, finances, fund raising and operations and show whether or not the subject charity meets the comprehensive Standards for Charity Accountability.

 You will be asked to provide a few facts about your organization. You will also be asked to select a password-this is the password you will use to gain access to the online questionnaire once you are provided access to it. The Alliance staff will review this enrollment form, verify the information, and send you an email within about five business days that will enable you to begin using the online charity questionnaire.