Ethics for Young People: Students of Integrity Scholarships
$1,000 scholarships for post-secondary education for high school Seniors from The BBB Center for Ethics. Resolve ethical dilemmas in essay format.

Ethics isn’t always easy. Sometimes doing the right thing is work - hard work. BBB Center for Ethics is looking for students who know how to work. That you? Read on.

The Center awards annual scholarships* to high school seniors who submit the best responses to an ethical question. Are you a 2018 Students of Integrity scholarship winner? Find out today.

Anna’s son was dying. The operation was expensive. The bank account she borrowed the money from hadn’t been used in a long time. The only question left to answer is - what are you going to do?

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Don’t wait. Submission deadline - 6/4/18. Good luck.

*Winning essays show exceptional ethical awareness as evaluated by an independent panel of judges; winners receive a one-time scholarship of $1,000 towards post-secondary education expenses; there is a 1st Place Thomas Klinedinst scholarship of $2000.

Disclaimer: Previous SOI Winners are not eligible to reapply.
















2018 Beca De Estudiantes De Integridad BBB Center For Ethics

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2016 Students of Integrity Scholars

Andrew Evans- Oak Hills High School
Noah Holtman- Scott High School
Erinn Aulfinger- Lakota East High School
Paige Kappes- St. Henry High School