Gain by Giving
Promoting partnerships between BBB Accredited Businesses and BBB Accredited Charities.

Gain by Giving is the connecting point between companies that can and nonprofits that need.

BBB Center for Ethics supports a collaborative community, and Gain by Giving is an expression of that. By bringing businesses and nonprofits together strategically and thoughtfully, we create community in the purest sense of the word. Those that have needs ask; those that have means give. Together, we’re working for the collective ideal.

If you’re a company that can, here’s what you do:
- take stock of your resources (are your  employees looking to volunteer?);
- determine where you have excess (do you have extra materials laying around?);
- consider donating;
- fill out this form using the Accredited Business tab; then
- feel real good about yourself.



If you’re a nonprofit in need, here’s what you do:
- take stock of your resources (are you in need of    volunteers?);
- determine where you have needs (what materials are you missing to care for your organization?);
- consider asking;
- fill out this form using the Accredited Charity tab; then
- feel real good about your goals.




Whatever your role in the Gain by Giving program, you’re doing great. We can’t wait to help you help the community, and do our part to secure you trustworthy allies along the way.

Disclaimer: This program was not designed to function as a lead service, a promotional service, or an advertising service. This program was created to make serviceable instances of charitable giving possible, and unique connections between nonprofit and business organizations conceivable.


Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission (NKCAC) needed their kitchen and exercise room painted in the Ludlow Senior Center. They had all the materials - they just needed someone to come out volunteer the time and expertise to get it done. New World Painting & Decorating contacted NKCAC and offered to come out for three days to complete the project. According to NKCAC, New World Painting & Decorating did a fantastic job!



VIP Back Rubs donated a gift certificate to City Gospel Mission as a raffle prize for their use.


Continental Roof Company ran a canned food drive in the month of February for Brighton Center’s food pantry.


Continental Roof Company provided roof repairs for Tender Mercies through Project Parasol.


Staley Transformations, LLC painted Mercy Neighborhood Ministries’ hand railings throughout their building.   




Widmer’s donated clothing racks to Life Learning Center for their new on-site “clothing boutique” for in-kind donations.