Should You Disclose? Definitely.

Over 1.8 million Americans in 2015 wanted to know what BBB Wise Giving Alliance had to say about our nation’s charities. Our website that houses charity reports nationwide was visited 3.8 million times last year. Why should you care about numbers like that?

Because you’re doing good things.

We know that no matter how much the landscape of businesses and nonprofits evolves over the years, people are still people - and people are driven by stories. It’s a good narrative that compels partners to support, invites volunteers to show up, and inspires donors to invest. Behind every good charity is a story of need that needs to be told, and we want people to hear yours.

Because donors need to know their donations will do something.

In an increasingly cluttered and confusing charitable community, the public is counting on BBB more than ever to give them the story behind the organizations they’re considering. We’re counting on your disclosure to be able to give them your story. We live in a time of weariness; scams run rampant and people are so bombarded with information they don’t know which way is up. It’s why they turn to us to get details they can trust. We need your details before we can tell them whether or not we trust you.

Because “did not disclose” are the 3 worst words for donors to find when checking you out.

People call on BBB to make the call on local businesses and nonprofits. When they do, we advise donors to be cautious when giving to nondisclosure charities. We know that the world of nonprofit organizations not only thrives on transparency - it survives on transparency. We want those who give their time and money to keep giving, and we can do our part to keep that cycle of good deeds going by guiding givers to charities they can count on. A whole lot of people are looking for organizations to invest in - when they come to us about nondisclosure organizations, we have a whole lot of nothing to say.

Say something. Take the first step towards becoming Accredited - it’s completely free, and it’s entirely fundamental. Disclose today.