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In compliance with the BBB Privacy Policy, the BBB Serving Chicago and Northern Illinois will use the personal information you provide below only for the purposes for which you have given permission.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a secret shopper for the BBB Serving Chicago and Northern Illinois .

The BBB utilizes secret shoppers to scrutinize marketplace activity and find out what consumers are told by companies and industries of interest. Secret shopping usually involves going to an assigned company to pose as a consumer in order to obtain information on how the company conducts its business and what it offers to its potential client. The experience of the secret shopper is then documented and sent back to the BBB, at which point the BBB compensates the shopper financially for their work.

If you would be interested in becoming a secret shopper for the BBB, please fill out the following form. Note again that all information is kept private and confidential- the BBB does not share your information with any third parties.

Due to the fact that our BBB serves a specific geographical area, this offer is limited to applicants in our area only. If you are in a different area, please do not apply. You may consider visiting the website of your local BBB to see whether that particular BBB offers secret shopping opportunities. To find the location of your local BBB please visit

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Please keep in mind that secret shopping offers are not regular and are conducted on an as-needed basis. Upon receiving your submission, we will contact you individually when new offers become available.
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