BBB Warns Donors to Not Throw Caution to the Wind in Sending Assistance to Texas Victims of Hurricane Harvey

August 28, 2017

Thomas Johnson                                                           
Director of Public and Board Relations, 
BBB Serving Chicago & Northern Illinois, 312-245-2643                      

Judith Ruiz-Branch
PR & Community Outreach Coordinator
BBB Serving Chicago & Northern Illinois, 312-245-2516


BBB Warns Donors to Not Throw Caution to the Wind in
Sending Assistance to Texas Victims of Hurricane Harvey

 BBB serving Chicago and Northern Illinois is warning consumers that emergency responders are not the only ones closely tracking the storms in Texas, as scammers often see emergencies as a prime opportunity.

Officials in Houston have issued a public plea for help which translates to sirens for scammers. Reports are already coming in about storm scams and fake 800 numbers to make donations. BBB urges all potential donors to do a little homework and seek out great charities like BBB Accredited Red Cross and others at

Chicago and Northern Illinois President and CEO Steve J. Bernas says “As people try to assist storm victims and their families, there will be dishonest people creating fake donation campaigns to exploit the situation and try to scam those wanting to help. While there may be a sense of urgency, we encourage people to carefully consider who exactly they are giving to, making sure they are actually providing relief to those in need.”

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Remember to always report scammers. If you've been cheated, report the scam to authorities and BBB Scam Tracker to warn others.


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