BBB Scam Alerts
Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois has seen a recent spike in IRS collections complaints in the BBB Scam Tracker, and is alerting consumers about the latest wave of attacks.
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Computer systems are under attack again, nationwide. The latest attack dubbed “Petya” launched this week and bears similiarities to last month’s “WannaCry” ransomware attack where cybercriminals locked..
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Police in our region are seeking help as a new team of credit card skimmers has hit ATM’s in Aurora, Yorkville, and Batavia.
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With the return of warm weather, deceptive door-knockings and utility scams are kicking into peak season. The Better Business Bureau and ComEd are teaming up to warn consumers around the Chicago and Nor..
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The BBB is asking people to report any instances of a latest phishing scam to the BBB Scamtracker and alert friends and family.The scam starts by people receiving an email that says the sender is sharin..
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BBB Alerts consumer of the The "CEO Scam" as it’s known, involving a phishing e-mail sent to the accounting department using the name of the company CEO, instructing them to wire money.
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