Summer Home Energy Savings

Summer Home Energy Savings

Summer comes with enough expenses. Between shelling out extra money for family vacations and summer day camps, it helps to find ways to save. And if you cringe a little bit every time you hear your air conditioning kick on during these hotter months, allow Better Business Bureau serving Chicago & Northern Illinois to share some simple tips to help you spend less while keeping cool.

Leave it to Artificial Intelligence
Heating and cooling your home accounts for a large portion of your home’s energy costs. So, why not make it easier on yourself and your wallet with a smart thermostat?  Wi-fi connected thermostats learn your habits in an effort to help manage your home’s climate by adjusting the temperature based on when you’re typically out and about or hanging at home. Some smart thermostats even track your energy usage for you and provide you with a monthly report to help answer questions like how much you ran your heat or air conditioning during the previous month.

Do Due Diligence
BBB Accredited, Energy Services Air Conditioning & Heating Company, reminds us about the importance of maintaining your cooling equipment. Without proactive maintenance, you may be putting extra stress on your system. Energy Services mentions on their website, “By ignoring the need for service, you aren’t saving time or money.  The cost of neglecting routine maintenance of your cooling system is paid through higher utility bills, more frequent repairs, reduced comfort and polluted indoor air quality.” If you haven’t taken the proper steps to maintain your heating and air conditioning units, which includes changing your air filters, now is the time.

Consider an Upgrade
It might be time for an upgrade. Certain air conditioning units can be 15 percent more efficient than standard units. BBB Accredited, Porterhouse Heating & Cooling informs us that, “ Swapping your old, inefficient air conditioning system for a high-efficient one can cut electricity bills by one-third.” Look for the Energy Star label to ensure you’re purchasing a product that meets the efficiency requirements, which can help you save on your energy bill without sacrificing performance.

Size matters when it comes to air conditioning units. If you’re ready for an upgrade, don’t choose blindly. Consult a professional technician, like the ones at Porterhouse Heating & Cooling to ensure that you’re new system is the right size for the needs of your space. 

Shield the Sun 
Did you know? Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. You can thank BBB Accredited, Lovitt Blinds & Drapery for that priceless bit of knowledge! Upgrading your window treatments to energy-efficient ones won’t just help conserve energy by keeping your home cooler in the summer—they also help work to keep warmth in during the winter months. 

Lighten Things Up
For a quick, easy fix, try swapping out incandescent lights for LED. LED bulbs don’t generate any extra heat, which helps to keep things cool. This type of lighting also produces light a whopping 90% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. Not only do they last longer, they’re easier on your electric meter too.

Schedule Your Chores
Save running the dishwasher or throwing a load of clothes in the dryer for off-peak hours, like later at night or early in the morning. This will help lower your energy consumption at the times when it costs the most. When cooking family dinner, try using the microwave to steam your vegetables and cook your meat outside on the grill. Why? Because firing up the stove or heating up the oven will also warm up your kitchen, making your home have to work harder to stay cool.

Count on a BBB Accredited businesses to help keep your home cool and your energy savings high. Visit to find service providers close to home that you can trust.