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Pest Control To The Rescue

Springtime means play time … not just for you and your family, but for all the creepy crawlies that love warm weather, too. So what do you do when pests begin to take over? The Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois can connect you with pest-control professionals to help you take back your family’s favorite spaces.

Practice the 3 Ps to Manage Unwanted Houseguests
“Mama, I just saw a mouse!” your child exclaims from the living room. Bedbugs, cockroaches, bats, mice and more — there are so many unthinkable invaders that can make you feel less than cozy and secure in your own home. And as a parent, no one wants creepy crawlies horrifying the family.

Want to know how best to handle pest control? Practice the BBB’s three Ps:

  1. Prevention: According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC),Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases.” So disease prevention is an important aim of pest control. The good news is there are several things you can do in your home to avoid attracting rodents, insects and more. Quick clean-up of dishes and spills is a key part of pest-prevention. Enlist your family to “bus their dishes” after every meal and snack. That means putting plates and bowls in the dishwasher, making sure wrappers go into the trash, and eating and drinking in centralized areas (kitchen and dining room only).
  2. Protection: Your pantry is a haven for pests —  they love unsealed cereal boxes, scraps on the kitchen floor and wrappers with crumbs in your playroom. Your best protection is to store food in sealed plastic or glass containers; seal up your garbage in covered trashcans; and enlist your children and partner to help empty thetrash and recycling cans regularly.
  3. Professionals: Pests love to sneak into your home through openings you may not even be aware of. That’s where a professional can help. Did you know bats and mice only need a dime-sized opening to sneak into your home? As BBB Accredited, Chicago-based A Good Riddance Pest Management says, “Don't let pests overrun your life.”

The BBB can connect you with Pest Control Service Professionals who can identify breaches in your home, close off or caulk openings, apply pesticides or pest prevention aids, and seal off water pipes, attics, basements and garages to ensure only invited guests enter your home.

Feeling overwhelmed by mini home invaders? Many Chicago-area pest-control experts, like Nevernest Pest Control, offer same-day or 24-hour emergency service. To find more pest-control pros to help you eliminate pests from your home, visit