2017 Student of Integrity Scholarship Recipients


This is the 13th year for the BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship. The BBB is pleased to have built on the success of this program. The 1st year, 6 scholarships were awarded, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years, 8 were awarded, and years 5 through 12, (10) scholarships were awarded. We are excited to award (10), $1,000 scholarships for 2017. The awards this year represent to date $120,000 in scholarships awarded to worthy students in our communities. The partnership and support of our sponsors, the community, and the educational institutions validate the program’s success.

This year 143 students entered the competition representing most of the 21 counties our BBB serves in SE TN and NW GA. The students responded to certain criteria and guidelines in competing for the scholarships. The element our panel of judges viewed most critically was the writing of an essay titled “The importance of Ethics in Business and our Community.” The judges weigh the score as the following: the Essay represents 50%, Community Service 20%, Leadership 20% and Academic 10%.

We also want to recognize those business sponsors who make the awarding of scholarships possible. They are:

1)  Platinum Patron Sponsors:  Double Cola Company - USA; EPB Fiber Optics; First Tennessee; NovaCopy

2)  Gold Patron Sponsors:  Chattanooga Times Free Press; Chattem; Mtn. View Auto Group; Capital Toyota Auto Group 

3)  Silver Patron Sponsors:  AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialist; Athens Federal Community Bank; BlueCross BlueShield TN; Food City Stores; Scenic Community Credit Union; SunTrust Bank; Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union; TVA

We express a special thank you to these sponsors and the support of the BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship Program. 


Pressley Ann Dawson, Marion County High School, Jasper, TN. Sponsored by Sun Trust Bank,  

Pressley writes, “There are many examples of corruption in business, these examples show that individuals are affected by unethical businesses, in turn, the entire business climate can deteriorate. When news breaks about a company’s immoral practices, customers lose trust in business. Trust is extremely difficult to restore, especially when it comes to the relationship of consumers, manufacturers, and business. As I aspire to become a political correspondent, I hope to have the task of exposing corruption in political leaders and business.  Pressley will be attending The University of Tennessee - Knoxville in the Chancellor’s Honor Program. Majoring in Political Science and Journalism.


Seth Joel Drey, Marion County High School, Jasper TN; Sponsored by AFS Foundation and Waterproof Specialist,

Seth writes: A business requires ethics to gain increased productivity and a positive reputation with the community. The community recognizes the business’s honest and hard work and supports it by shopping, telling friends and family and investing in it. With success the business ethically contributes back to the community; offering more jobs, better goods and services, workshops, scholarships and sponsorships. Under the driving force of ethics, business and communities form a relationship that benefits both parties.  Seth is ranked number #1 in his class. He will attend Vanderbilt University this fall majoring in Biochemistry.

Alexa Shea Fults, Grundy County High School, Coalmont, TN.; Sponsored by Double Cola Company,

Alexa explains; ethics are the science of morality, and therefore the foundation of societal decency as we know it. It is one thing to succeed, but it is a great accomplishment to know you were part of another’s success. I have learned from my father’s work that business is directly affected by the community it serves, and the community is affected by the prosperity of that business; it is our duty to cultivate the ethical transformation of business practices, thus nurturing the growth of our community. Alexa will attend the University of the South as a Carey Fellow in the Pre-Business program.


Bradford Scott Gaskill, Signal Mountain High School, Signal Mountain, TN., Sponsored by TVA,(Bradford is engaged in School TESTING today; accepting for Bradford is his mother, Mitsie Gaskill)

Bradford writes: “through an entrepreneurial competitive experience I have learned to believe in your own work and integrity while respecting the work of others. This competitive environment became an example of privacy, transparency, teamwork, respect and hard work. School and business teach lessons and are examples of how ethics are critical in the world. Brad will attend Wake Forest University majoring in Business or Finance. 

Haleigh Isanhart, Boyd Buchanan High School, Chattanooga TN; Sponsored by Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union,

Haleigh writes: “In a world destined toward globalization, ethics must be a core guiding principal for a company to succeed beyond short term goals. Ethical companies understand their importance to their communities beyond the jobs, incomes and tax base and engage in the betterment of their community via employee service hours, charitable giving, scholarships and other philanthropic activities. It is important that mankind make strong ethical decisions in order to produce strong ethical consequences and ethical reactions, where the company and the community both benefit. Haleigh plans to major in Biomedical/Premed the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with advance studies to become an Anesthesiologist.


Obinna Ilozor, McCallie School, Chattanooga TN; Sponsored by Food City Stores,

Obinna writes: “Business ethics in our community is extremely important for the benefit of our society. Businesses develop a good relationship with its customer’s through having qualitative products, good customer service, and being truthful and fair about products and prices.  When this relationship develops everybody benefits. The inclusion of ethics in business can be extremely beneficial to the success of the business and the growth of a community”. Obinna will be attending Harvard College pursuing a degree in Economics and obtaining a minor in Government.


Rachel Leann McNabb, Marion County High School, Jasper, TN, Sponsored by Scenic Community Credit Union

Rachel writes: “Several factors play a role in the long-term success of a business including; positive public image, quality of products, customer service and the company’s reputation in general. Similarly, this stands true for a thriving community. Every aspect of a prosperous business and community has a direct correlation to how situations are approached with morals and professional standards.” Rachel will attend Middle Tennessee State University. She plans to become a Registered Nurse. 


Isaac David Overfield, Georgia-Cumberland Academy, Calhoun, GA, Sponsored by Mountain View Auto Group, (Isaac is out of town Traveling with the Senior trip; Accepting for Isaac is Jodi Spelle at Cumberland Academy)

Isaac writes; “Certainly there are many examples of crooked practices that bring a company to its ruin. These behaviors reflect negatively on other similar business, our community and even our country. How refreshing it is to find a company that deals fairly, honestly and with integrity. I believe these qualities are rewarded with a good reputation, satisfied customers, prosperity and a positive legacy.  Isaac plans to attend Southern Adventist University pursuing a career as a physician.


Katherine Elizabeth Philyaw, Signal Mountain High School, Signal Mountain, TN, Sponsored by Athens Federal Community Bank (Elizabeth has scheduled Testing today; Accepting for Katherine is her Counselor; Sandi Mitchum)

Katherine writes; “As I research ethics, I soon came to the realization that what I have been taught about the Golden Rule and about doing what is right all of the time, is exactly even if simplistically, what business and community ethics is all about. Ethics is important in every aspect of the world around us. Some of the common ethical principles include honesty, integrity, fairness, equality, respect for others and respect for the law.  We should always treat others with respect, the way we like to be treated, and always strive to do what is right all of the time”. Katherine will attend Lee University in the Kairos Scholars Program.  Majoring in Liberal Arts to pursue a law degree. 


Mackenzie Nicole Wall, Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences, Chattanooga, TN, Sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee,

Mackenzie writes: “Ethics is an important part to business and to community because it protects humanity from itself. Ethics protect business from mistreating the environment out of selfishness and greed. The importance of what is right and wrong protects both employer and employee. Ethics are immensely important because they’re the only way society can function. It’s thanks to ethics that humanity may be brought back to the human race”. Mackenzie will be attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as part of the Brock Scholars Honors Program. With a major in Biochemistry with a Pre-Med track.