2016 Student of Integrity Scholarship Recipients


This is the 12th year for the BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship. The BBB is pleased to have built on the success of this program. The 1st year, 6 scholarships were awarded, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years, 8 were awarded, and years 5 through 11, (10) scholarships were awarded. We are excited to award (10), $1,000 scholarships for 2016. 2015 represented a milestone, $100,000 to date in scholarships awarded to worthy students in our communities. The partnership and support of our sponsors, the community, and the educational institutions validate the program’s success.

This year 138 students entered the competition representing most of the 21 counties our BBB serves in SE TN and NW GA. The students responded to certain criteria and guidelines in competing for the scholarships. The element our panel of judges viewed most critically was the writing of an essay titled “The importance of Ethics in Business and our Community.” The judges weigh the score as the following: the Essay represents 50%, Community Service 20%, Leadership 20% and Academic 10%.

We also want to recognize those business sponsors who make the awarding of scholarships possible. They are:

1)  Platinum Patron Sponsors:  Double Cola Company - USA; EPB Fiber Optics; First Tennessee; NovaCopy

2)  Gold Patron Sponsors:  Chattanooga Times Free Press; Chattem; Mtn. View Auto Group 

3)  Silver Patron Sponsors:  Athens Federal Community Bank; BlueCross BlueShield TN; Capital Toyota Auto Group;SunTrust Bank; Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union; TVA

We express a special thank you to these sponsors and the support of the BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship Program. 


Maci Caroline Bicknell, Trion High School, Trion, GA. Sponsored by Sun Trust Bank,  

Maci writes, Honesty, directness, trustworthiness, and decency must be present for an individual, a business or a community to flourish. People have duties to do what is right and to not hurt other people for their personal gain. Ethics involve obligations. I hope to live in a community and work in an environment where a person understands the importance of doing what they know is right in their heart. Maci plans to attend Auburn University and major in Chemical Engineering. 


Bethany Haven Burns, Signal Mountain High School, Signal Mountain, TN; Sponsored by Chattem,

Bethany writes: “Small businesses typically have a long standing reputation of fantastic ethics. Their owners work closely with their employees to form relationships with customers. These relationships keep customer coming back instead of going to large outlets. The real fascination of small businesses, however, is their commitment to doing the right thing, no matter the consequences. The importance of ethics in business and our community cannot be overstated. Without Ethics our country loses its dignity. I hope to always make decisions of which I am proud”. Bethany will be Valedictorian of her class. She plans to attend Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH and major in Mathematical Data Science.

Noah Austin Cherry, Calhoun High School, Calhoun, GA.; Sponsored by Double Cola Company,

Noah writes, “Businesses in the modern world must realize that mistakes or unethical decisions that they make do not only affect said company. Mistakes and unethical practices made by one company can result in a decline in reputation and profits for an entire industry. We live in an interdependent world, and business ethics are the practices by which businesses conform to this fact”. Noah plans to attend the University of Georgia in their Honors program. He plans to major in Finance or Economics.


Brelyn Chase Grant, Sequatchie County High School, Dunlap, TN., Sponsored by TVA,

In his essay, Brelyn writes: “Ethical relationships are the very fibers that make up the intricate fabric of a functional society. Therefore, in order for businesses and communities to coexist in a functional society, there must be moral individuals willing to build and maintain ethical relationships. Trust, compassion, and progress constitute three major components of an ethical relationship. The absence of any of these three components would certainly unravel the proper functioning of businesses and communities. Without trust, business deals fail; without compassion community security ceases to exist; and without progress, society fades. Ethics within businesses and communities ensures that these dire situations do not materialize. With ethics there is no limit to the success of both current and future generations”. Brelyn future goal is to attend Tennessee Technological University, majoring in Mathematics in its Honors Program.

Abby Jane Heinichen, Signal Mountain High School, Signal Mountain TN; Sponsored by Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union,

Abby writes: “Picture ethics as a giant oak tree. The strength of the roots can make the tree unshakeable. The roots of ethics would be integrity, honesty, respect, trustworthiness, courage, accountability, doing the right thing, responsibility, excellence, unity, stewardship, seeking wisdom, serving and knowing right from wrong. The concept of ethics is rather simple: everything rises and falls on it”. Abby plans to major in Biomedical Engineering at the University of South Carolina, Honors College.


Meagan C. Holmes, Meigs County High School, Sponsored by Capital Toyota Group,

Meagan writes: “Not only are high ethical standards the right choice for your conscience, but also, they are the right choice for your business. Treatment of customers and employees, respect for the environment and safe, dependable products or services lead to a positive public image. Building a good reputation for your business will eventually increase profitability by strengthening the retention rate of customers and employees, adding reliability to your establishment. Acting with moral integrity and honesty, both individually and as a corporation, has a positive impact”. Meagan will be attending Clemson University to attain a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness.


F. Alexander Kirschenbauer, Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN, Sponsored by EPB

Alex writes: “To avoid a disaster in business, clearly defined Standards of business conduct must guide decision-making across the corporate ecosystem. From engineering to HR, from sales to Board of Directors, reflecting the ethical standards each employee must uphold. Standards should not be established and then set aside. These guidelines must exist as relevant; living set of guidelines which corporate leaders actively champion as an ongoing commitment at every layer of corporate culture and organization.” Alex will attend Princeton University. His declared major is Economics, tailoring his coursework on Ethical Leadership.


Austin Neil Sawyer, Signal Mountain High School, Signal Mountain TN, Sponsored by Mountain View Auto Group,

Austin writes; “If leaders and people in our communities are short sighted ethically it can also lead to a slow deterioration of the fabric of a society. Example, if community leaders divert resources to pet projects and away from the educational system, the people of the community will largely grow up poorly educated. Ethics are just as important in a community as they are in a Fortune 500 company. A proper society relies on ethical local businesses and ethical community members.” Austin plans to enter the Honors Program at Middle Tennessee State University majoring in Music Business.


William Alexander Shirer, Cleveland High School, Cleveland, TN, Sponsored by Athens Federal Community Bank

Alexander writes; “Ethics is important in business as a means of maintaining a good corporate and personal reputation. Without a trusted reputation, a business cannot be expected to do a job well done. Taking the high road in business can sometime seem like the long road. The side effects of unethical decisions can destroy the public’s trust in company and even the individual making the decisions”. Alec will attend
Belmont University in Nashville. Majoring in Classical Music Composition.


Jadyn Snakenberg, Central High School, Harrison, TN, Sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee,

Jadyn writes: “Ethics are a vital component of communities. Without ethics, why would a person care about anyone who cannot bring him or her some kind of gain? Ethics seems to be in the definition of “community” and is therefore a necessary criterion for a group of people to call themselves a community. Ethics are what make a community a community”. Jadyn is deciding between four colleges at this time, but plans to major in Middle School Education with emphasis on Spanish.