Phishing Scam Mimics BBB Complaint Procedures

August 07, 2017

The Better Business Bureau of Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia as part of the BBB’s commitment to marketplace trust. Has and maintains Business Reviews on more than 1,900 businesses across Southeast Tennessee (11 Counties) and Northwest Georgia (10 Counties). We are Headquartered in Chattanooga TN. To Contact us go to  The  Council of Better Business Bureau (CBBB) has Identified a Plishing Scam that mimics the BBB Complaint Procedures. BBB is warning business owners and consumers that the BBB name and logo are being fraudulently used by criminals in an on-going phishing scam. The emails look very much like notice of a complaint from BBB, but contain links to malware that can infect the recipient’s computer or steal passwords.- See more at and find out what to do if you encounter or suspect this scam: