How Can I Improve My BBB Rating?


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Every Business Review® that has a BBB rating contains information explaining why the business has earned that rating. Most of the time a business simply needs to provide BBB with background information such as the business start date, the names of the principle officers, the type of products and services offered, and data to determine a company’s size of business. Other companies may need to respond to and resolve customer complaints or eliminate a pattern of complaint, while a few may need to substantiate or modify their advertising claims.

Simply put, businesses earn good ratings by meeting BBB’s Code of Business Practices:

Build Trust, Advertise Honestly, Tell the Truth, Be Transparent, Honor Promises, Be Responsive, Safeguard Privacy, Embody Integrity.

The ratings formula and other information that make up the Business Review® are periodically reviewed and retooled to reflect ongoing BBB experience, make them more useful to consumers, and therefore make them more helpful to businesses. Recent surveys consistently show that consumers want more information in BBB Business Reviews. In response to this demand, BBB has added complaint detail (with personal information removed) and customer reviews. The recent update to the ratings system reflects continued learning from BBB experience and input from consumers and businesses.

In general, BBB Ratings take into consideration:

  • The length of time the business has been operating
  • The volume of customer complaint against the business
  • If the business has unanswered or unresolved complaints
  • How long it takes the business to respond to complaints
  • If the business has failed to eliminate a pattern of complaint
  • BBB’s experience with the industry in which the business operates
  • Whether or not the business maintains required competency license(s)
  • If the business is transparent upon BBB’s request for information
  • Any advertising issues found by BBB
  • Any known government actions relating to marketplace activities
  • A business’ commitment to resolve disputes through BBB’s arbitration/mediation programs and compliance with decisions/settlements rendered

NOTE: BBB ratings are subject to change on a daily basis based on changes in a business' BBB file.

In summary, BBB Ratings rely on information that BBB can most accurately determine. Trustworthy business practices such as resolving complaints and advertising honestly earn the highest grades, whereas unanswered and unresolved complaints have the greatest negative impact on a business’ Rating. In addition, misleading advertising and patterns of complaints trigger BBB intervention and also incur penalties.

The good news is, IT’S FREE AND EASY to earn a good BBB Rating. So, call 423-266-6144 or click here to get started! BBB looks forward to assisting you with earning a Rating your potential customers want to see.

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