BBB Consumer Resource Center

BBB has resources to provide dispute resolution services, information and education to consumers, including members of the military, older adults and members of Latin American communities.

Better Business Bureau has offices in Charlotte and Asheville to serve 37 counties in the Southern Piedmont of NC/SC and 17 counties in Western NC. By providing education and information through community programs and services, BBB helps prevent consumer fraud and financial exploitation.

Our mission focuses on creating an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other, and we work to educate and protect consumers from becoming a victim of scams, frauds, and financial exploitation.

While BBB provides consumer education to the community at large, we have specific programs and services for consumers who are more vulnerable to being victimized by scammers including older adults, members of the military and Latin American communities.

Consumer Programs and Services

BBB serves the community as an information-gathering tool and a valuable community resource.

  • Dispute resolution services: When a dispute arises, consumers can file a complaint with BBB against a business. Then, BBB will work with the consumer and the business to resolve the complaint.
  • Consumer complaints: BBB helps thousands of consumers resolve complaints annually. You can file a complaint at
  • Business reviews: BBB has free business reviews on millions of companies that you can access as you research companies that you are considering hiring.
  • ScamTracker: If you believe there is a scam going on in your area because you received a phone call, an email or a letter that made you suspicious, you can now tell us about it instantly. BBB's new ScamTracker tool is an online "radar" that is updated in rea-time to show the scam "hotspots" across the country. Check it out by clicking here: SCAMTRACKER
  • Consumer news: BBB posts news releases about the latest scams and bad businesses in the News Center.
  • Consumer tips: BBB has consumer tips on online shopping, identity theft protection, auto repairs, credit repair, mortgage modificiation, credit monitoring, charitable giving and many more subjects on our website under the "For Consumers" tab at the top of this page.
  • Scam Source: BBB has the latest information on emerging and perennial scams to keep you from becoming a victim. Learn more about phishing scams, identity theft, and credit and debt related scams.
  • Data security: BBB offers free shredding to individuals and small businesses each year.
  • Records retention: BBB has a comprehensive guide that can help you determine what types of documents you need to keep and what you can shred.
  • Data breaches: BBB has steps that you can take to protect your family from identity theft in the wake of many high-profile data breaches. BBB reviews online businesses and has a list of safe, secure and approved places to visit online.
  • AUTO LINE: BBB has a special program designed to help resolve auto-related disputes.
  • Military Line: BBB has programs and services for veterans and active duty military members and their families to help resolve consumer issues.
  • is a unique email bulletin service that connects older adults, their families, caregivers and industry professionals. It provides consumer fraud alerts, a community events calendar and information about activities and events for older adults.
  • Elder Fraud Prevention Program: This program teaches seniors how to to recognize scams, frauds and unethical business practices so that they do not become victims.
  • Training for professionals who work with older adults: BBB conducts seminars that are designed to help professionals identify red flags for potential fraud, scams and financial exploitation of their older adult clients.
  • Senior Scam Jams: Planned for older adults and their caregivers, these free educational events offer information from federal, state and local governments on current marketplace activities, unethical or iillegal business practices and ways to avoid becoming a victim of consumer fraud.
  • Educational presentations: BBB staff members speak to community groups and provide community programs that focus on ways to avoid becoming the victim of frauds, scams and identity theft.
  • Information Resource Center: BBB has general advice guides and brochures in English and Spanish which provide information on consumer issues and services for Hispanics and Latinos.
  • Hispanic and Latin American Outreach Program: BBB provides information, education and advocacy services for Hispanics and Latinos to help prevent them from becoming victims of bad businesses and scams. Scams that target Hispanics and Latinos include immigration, credit repair, housing, lotteries, sweepstakes, employment, work-at-home and more.
  • Hispanic and Latin American Telephone Line: BBB has a dedicated telephone line for Spanish-speaking individuals. Call 704.927.8639.
How to Find a Reliable Business

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