Beware of Apple Support Scam

August 21, 2017

Customers are getting robocalls from scammers claiming that their iCloud accounts have been hacked. When they get on the line with a "technician," they are asked to give remote access to their computer or device. Unfortunately, scammers can then install malware  -- that by recording passwords and other important personal information -- can open the door to identity theft. Remember these tips to protect yourself from this and other tech support scams:

Never give a stranger remote access to your machine. This gives the other person complete access to all the files and stored data, like passwords, bank information, etc.

Don't believe caller ID. With this particular scam, the caller ID reads "Apple Inc." It's easy to spoof a phone number, so don't assume that it's a legitimate caller.

Check out BBB tips for other tech support scams. There are more than one and they each operate differently. Visit to read more.

If you suspect you've been contacted by a tech support scammer, report it to our Scam Tracker. You can also visit to read more about scammers impersonating Apple.