Staff and Leadership

Board of Directors
Tom BartholomyPresident and CEO
Maryanne Dailey, M.A. NCDRC Certified Mediator, Senior Vice President
David Colson, Vice President of Business Relations
Julia Brotherton, Director of Accounting and HR Administration
Julie Goodwin, Western North Carolina Regional Director
Paul Bartholomy, Director of Business Relations
Amanda Bryson, Director of Marketplace Practices
Page Castrodale, Director of Marketing and Communications
Libby Gordon, Marketplace Resources Coordinator
Risell Montejo, Data Entry Specialist
Elaine Mendez, Business Relations Services Specialist
Carla Yong, Supervisor of Operations
Hilda Cohen, Leidy Gonzalez, Sandra McLaughlin, Risell Montejo, Sherly Rivera, Egzine Ysaguirre, Operations Service Specialists
Barb Gallant, Margaret Hollis, Bob Parsons, Ron Pinnix, Debbie McDonald, George McDonald, David Nelson, Business Relations Representatives