Better Business Bureau Report for
Girls Incorporated of Greater Indianapolis

Better Business Bureau Report issued December 2017
Better Business Bureau Report expires December 2019

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Charity Contact Information

Name: Girls Incorporated of Greater Indianapolis
Address: 3935 N. Meridian Street
  Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: 317-283-0086
Web Address:
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Better Business Bureau Comments

Year, State Incorporated: 1969, Indiana
Affiliates: None
Stated Purpose: "To inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. We have been serving girls in the Indianapolis community since 1969. Girls Inc. gives girls the right tools and support to succeed, including trained professionals who mentor them in a safe, girls-only environment, peers who share their drive and aspirations, and research-based programming. Girls Inc. girls learn to set and achieve goals, boldly confront challenges, resist peer pressure, see college as attainable, and explore nontraditional fields such as STEM. Girls Inc. girls develop self-confidence and understand their self-worth, and Girls Inc. advocates for an equitable world that celebrates girls for their unique strengths and contributions."

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Evaluation Conclusions


Girls Incorporated of Greater Indianapolis (GI) meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.
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Girls Inc. delivers hands-on programs that empower girls to be confident in their own skin, prepared for their futures, proud of who they are, and ready to take their place in the world. Each Girls Inc. program is outcome-based and age-appropriate. Its curricula actively engages girls in experiential learning that recognizes the knowledge and experience each girl brings to the program. Girls Inc. programs align with one of three categories: Strong, Healthy Relationships, Smart College and Career Planning, and Bold, Empowered Girls. It delivers programs during five cycles: winter (January-March), spring (April-May), summer (June-July), fall I (August-October), and fall II (November-December). The majority of our programs are split into one-hour sessions and delivered over the course of six week. It has more than 100 program partners most of which are schools, community centers, and other youth serving non-profits.

For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2016, GI's program expenses were:

Program Services 824,755
Total Program Expenses: $824,755
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Chief Executive : Patricia Wachtel, President and CEO

Chair of the Board: Linda Hicks
Chair's Profession / Business Affiliation: Vice President of Global Technology

Board Size: 17

Paid Staff Size: 12

*Compensation includes annual salary and, if applicable, benefit plans, expense accounts, and other allowances.
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Fund Raising


Method(s) Used:

direct mail, telephone, invitations to fund raising events, grant proposals, internet, cause-related marketing, direct solicitation
Fund raising costs were 26% of related contributions. (Related contributions, which totaled $693,719, are donations received as a result of fund raising activities.)
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Tax Status


This organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.
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The following information is based on GI's audited financial statements for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2016.

Source of Funds  
United Way of Central Indiana 237,271
Foundations 153,965
Individuals 112,605
Special Events 100,278
Net Investment Return 71,250
United Way - Donor Directed 36,865
Program Service Fees 36,324
In-Kind Contributions 19,324
Service Groups 17,578
Businesses 15,833
Total Income $801,293


Uses of Funds as a % of Total Expenses

Programs: 75%  Fund Raising: 16%  Administrative: 9% 

Total income $801,293
Program expenses $824,755
Fund raising expenses 182,207
Administrative expenses 104,366
Total expenses $1,111,328
Expenses in Excess of Income (310,035)
Beginning net assets 2,797,494
Ending net assets 2,487,459
Total liabilities 1,082,216
Total assets $3,569,675

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