Follow these tips to make your wedding budget-friendly and stress-free!

Set a Budget. Decide on a timeline and plan. 
Don’t stress yourself out if you don’t stick to it exactly, but it is a good idea to set goals.


Consider Shopping Second Hand or Renting Your Dress.
If you don’t want to save your wedding dress, renting a gown can be much cheaper.


Do Your Own Hair and Makeup.
Doing your own hair and makeup can save you time and money. If you don’t feel comfortable, try to find a friend or family member to help you. Make sure you do a trial run before the big day to make sure you know what you want.


Wear Suits.
It is cheaper for men to get a suit that they can wear in the future instead of renting an expensive tux.


Bridesmaids Can Wear Their Own Dresses.
Your bridesmaids can save money this way, and have a dress that they can wear more in the future. You can coordinate the color or style, but let them pick a dress that they like.


Buy Discount Shoes.
Hardly anyone sees your shoes on your special day, making it an area where you can save money. Also, make sure that they are comfortable, especially if you are going to wear them through the reception.


Use Flowers That Are In Season.
Flowers that are currently blooming in season will have a lower price than more exotic plants.


Reuse Your Flowers.
If you can transport your flowers, move them from the ceremony to your reception. When you are finished, you can even donate them to a charity or hospital.


Have The Wedding and The Reception at The Same Place.
This can save money on food and is also more convenient for everyone involved.


Limit The Open Bar.
Having a bar open for a few, designated hours will bring down the cost. You can also limit the alcohol choices to cut costs.


Have An Alternate Dessert.
If you don’t want to spend money on a cake, then have a smaller, cheaper dessert that everyone else will enjoy, like tarts or mousse.




Should I Leave A Tip?

Complete wedding budgets should include necessary tipping charges. Not all wedding vendors require tips, but gratuity for being a part of your special day is a way to show your appreciation. Before tipping, make sure that the products and services you are utilizing do not already include a gratuity or service charge in the original price.


Wedding Officiant: Donations from $75-$100 is recommended. Some public servants, like mayors or judges, may not be able to accept gratuities.

Ceremony Site Staff: Your musicians, church staff, and any others that help with your ceremony should be tipped $20-$30 a person.

Delivery and Setup: If employees are dropping items off, then they should be tipped $10 each. If their service requires setting up, then they should be given $20 each.

Transportation: It is appropriate to tip drivers 15%-20% on top of their contracted fee.

Reception Wait Staff: Each staff member should be tipped $20-$40 each depending on the quality of the service.

Bartenders: Bartenders should be given 15%-20% of the entire bar bill.

DJ/Band: 15%-20% of the bill should be tipped to the bandleader or DJ. More can be given if they did an exceptional job.

Parking Attendants: If attendants are not being tipped by your guests, then they should be given $1-$2 per vehicle.

Source: Today’s Bride Magazine