2016 Torch Awards for Ethics Recipients

Choice Recovery, Inc.

"Recovering debt is what we do, but transforming lives is who we are. We are living a vision to strengthen those who may be in need, and make it possible for them not to need the help of others."

– Chad Silverstein, President


Hetter Heating & Cooling

"We have found a culture that does what’s right for the customer, thrives when accountability is enforced and is fair. The result has been a staff that invests emotionally in their work and takes pride in the team." 

– John Hetterscheidt, President 


Zipline Logistics

"I graciously entrust every team member to uphold Zipline’s high standards. As an authentically ethical organization, I know that doing the right thing in business comes naturally to our organization. This is a point of pride for everyone at the company and a major driver in our success."
– Wally Lynch, CEO