2017 Torch Awards for Ethics Recipients


"As a company, Acloché works together every day to uphold the highest ethical standards, approach all matters with integrity, and solidify our reputation for a commitment to ethics and legal compliance."

-Kim Shoemaker, CEO


Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

"As the Founder and President of Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, my code of ethics rests on three principles that drive the business. I believe these principles are responsible for much of the success we have achieved over the past 26 years."

-Greg Ubert, President


Eco Plumbers

"Establishing an inspiring vision to grow an ethically-sound plumbing company has required self-reflection, hard work and commitment to building a strong, reputable organization."

-Aaron Gaynor, CEO 



Echoing Hills

"We are committed to fostering an environment that clearly articulates the purpose, mission and values of the ministry and allows us to operate with integrity no matter who we come in contact with."
-Buddy Busch, President


Ohio Basement Authority

Ohio Basement Authority

"We believe that if we can create an environment here at Ohio Basement Authority where employees feel full, passionate and fulfilled; they can go home after a hard day's work, be proud, hold their head high and create a happier family."

-Doug Secrest, Owner