BBB® Spark Award


 Presented by BBB Serving Central Ohio | BBB Center for Character Ethics | Startup Storytellers


The 2017 Spark Awards will recognize millennial entrepreneurial organizations whose leaders demonstrate a higher level of character, generating a culture that is authentic about its mission and connecting with community.

Recipients will be announced at the Startup Storytellers experience, on April 19th and also showcased at BBB's Torch Awards for Ethics. Additionally, recipients will be involved with telling their stories during simultaneous BBB, Center for Character Ethics and Startup Storytellers events throughout the year.

New for 2017 – Introducing the Spark Awards Class! The class is chosen from an arena of entries and nominations, showing there's no lack of trusted business representatives in Central Ohio. The entire Class of 2017 clearly and innovatively demonstrates their commitment to character, culture and community. Three leaders/organizations move on and are chosen to represent the Class of 2017 in the areas of character, culture and community. 


In coordination with the Center for Character Ethics TRUST! Principles, the award categories are based upon the following:  


Character - Transformative Leadership

Leaders must be teachable and open to growing with ideas. The journey to wisdom does not have one path, but many to be explored when a person desires to exhibit strong ethics. Leaders habitually seek the truth, are open to criticism, and know that their own personal development is never complete.  Ethical maturity cultivates an environment that promotes higher standards of better business practices and a mutual understanding that each employee has control over their own character.

Culture - Reinforce and Unite the Team of Treasured Employees while Steering Performance to Mission

Purposeful teams have clear visions while being honest and transparent with their members. Beneficial workplace cultures help teams work toward their goals, and establish guidelines that hold each member, including leadership, accountable while praising valuable team players. As a result, successful teams are able to create structures, adapt to change, and continually encourage opportunities for all staff members. Progressive cultures set ethical ways for a business to problem solve, resolve conflict, and inspire evolution.

Community - Enthusiastically Give Back!

Admirable entrepreneurial organizations show appreciation for their communities by enthusiastically giving back. Businesses should eagerly support their communities by contributing to their industry membership standards organizations, and encouraging an ethical marketplace. Community-inspired businesses help their environment, stakeholders, and community membership by reinvesting and volunteering.