BBB Report Shows State of Cybersecurity Among North American Businesses

October 12, 2017

Columbus, OH
- It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and BBB has released a new report that looks into the state of cybersecurity throughout small businesses in North America. Among other findings, the report shows that half of all small businesses couldn’t stay profitable for more than a month if they lost critical data.

The report surveyed approximately 1,100 different businesses in the United States and Canada, focusing on cybersecurity frameworks the businesses use, their cybersecurity best practices and a cost-benefit analysis.

The State of Small Business Cybersecurity emphasizes a need for training and resources among small businesses. Thankfully, many small business owners understand the types of risks out there, and the importance of cybersecurity.

The full report can be found at Businesses who are looking for cybersecurity tips, resources and how to start building a 5-Step Plan to Better Cybersecurity can visit

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