Are Summer Showers Flooding You With Problems? BBB has Tips for Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

August 07, 2017

Columbus, OH
- The recent rainy weather has caused some water damage around Central Ohio, including flooding. Your BBB is receiving an increased number of calls from consumers inquiring about basement waterproofing contractors to help protect and preserve their homes.

When it comes to picking a contractor, BBB urges customers to take their time and do their research. It’s important to compare prices and check references before committing. If you are unsure where to start, try some of these BBB tips for hiring a basement waterproofing contractor:

  • Get at least three estimates. Have more than one contractor give you a bid and discuss the price in detail based on the type of building, materials required, time needed to complete the project and other factors.

  • Do your homework. Search for the contactor at to find any complaints and customer reviews. A general online search can also help you find other recent reviews.

  • Phone a friend. Ask family members or friends you trust who they used to waterproof their basement. Would they recommend them?

  • Check their credentials. Is this contractor licensed, bonded, registered and insured with Ohio? Ask if the company is insured against claims covering property damage, worker’s compensation, and personal liability in case of an accident. Call to verify the contractor’s insurance coverage after obtaining the name of the carrier and agency.

  • Read fully before signing. Go through the contract to make sure everything that was promised to you is in writing and all of your questions are answered in detail. Do not sign a blank contract or pay money upfront in-full for the work.

  • Use a check or credit card. Do not pay contractors in cash, and keep a signed copy of the contract for your records. If you need to dispute charges later, you will have proof of payment if you use a card or check.

  • Ask about a guarantee or warranty. How long is the warranty offered? What does it cover? Is it transferable from homeowner to homeowner if the home were to be sold?

  • Be comfortable. Do not be afraid to ask the prospective contractor questions. If you are feeling uneasy or pressured into a situation, then the contractor may not be right for you.

Consumers can search for BBB Accredited Contractors at to find a business they can trust.

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