Park Smart for Red, White & Boom!

June 22, 2017

Columbus, OH
- On Monday, July 3rd, over 400,000 people will gather in downtown Columbus for the largest single-day event in the city: “Red, White & Boom!” With that many people heading downtown, BBB wants attendees to have fun, be safe and not worry about parking issues.

The official “Red White & Boom!” website has information on guaranteed reserved parking, public parking areas around the city and tips for COTA bus riders. Any consumers planning on attending the event should do their research and plan out their parking prior to their arrival to avoid any issues or stress.

BBB has these tips for consumers to avoid having their car towed:

  • Know the Ohio Revised Code Section 4531.601  for private tow-away zones. It might be handy to keep a copy in your car’s glove box so that you can refer to the maximum amount allowed for towing fees and other towing restrictions.

  • Do not park illegally, even for a short amount of time. If you think you may be parking illegally, it is best to move elsewhere. Walking an extra block will be worth the potential towing fees.

  • Park in a lot where you know your vehicle will be safe instead of parking on a side street or on private property. Private lots will have signs that you can carefully read stating their parking rules.

  • Even if you do not see a tow truck, someone could see you. Tow truck companies often pay “spotters” to watch the lot and call if they see a car owner leave their vehicle in the lot.

  • Be sure your tags are up to date! Do not let your license plates expire.

  • If you have a dispute with a towing company on private property, the police cannot help you. If you are on public property, such as a city street, then the police may be able to help you if you believe that the towing company is violating the law.

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