Your BBB is proud to offer two different presentations on the subject of Keeping Kids Safe Online. If you’d like us to share information on this important topic in person, please fill out the form just below, which is submitted directly to our Program Coordinator.  We would love to be part of your next event!

Parents & Educators:

The Parent and Educator version of Keeping Kids Safe Online has been offered by our Speaker’s Bureau for several years, and is one of our most requested talks!  In this presentation, we’ll share information on how kids are interacting online and via mobile devices, as well as share some vital statistics with regard to identity theft, phishing and even cyber bullying (the topic kids say concerns them the most).  We’ll also share practical advice on steps you can take to minimize the negative effects of these online safety issues.


After receiving such positive response to our parent and educator version, we realized that the group most at risk (our children) needed to hear this message as well. We approach the subject in an age appropriate format, with visuals and examples which are sure to grab the attention of pre-teens and teens. Students are our future business owners and leaders, and deserve to obtain a clear understanding of the risks they face online each day and how they can protect themselves.

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