Parents and Educators


Phishing, cyber bullying and online predators…children are being targeted every day. Your BBB serving Central Ohio want children to be educated and aware of what risks they can face online, and feel empowered and prepared to protect themselves.


Some things to know:

BBB strives to be the leading expert on keeping you, your family and personal information safe.

According to a national survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 17.6 million persons were victims of one or more incidents of identity theft in 2014. Children represent an ever-growing target group for identity thieves.


Program Goals:

Providing parents with information regarding:

  • The stumbling blocks their kids may face while in the online world
  • Ways to help educate their children and keep them safe

Providing kids with information regarding:

  • Becoming aware of the online risks
  • Why their parents are an important part of their online lives
  • How to operate safely while online
    • In-person presentations are available to your group of 15 people or more, and will last between 30-45 minutes. The in-person presentation consists of an audio visual presentation as well as information on how to access the microsite and downloadable e-books.
    • BBB recognizes that certain specifics regarding topics may be best addressed by members of the education or law enforcement communities, based upon the policies and procedures already put into place and the topic being discussed, and we would welcome any input from these experts during the in-person presentations.

If you have any questions regarding the program or would like to schedule one of the in-person presentations, contact Jessica Kapcar at or 614-754-4574.