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Educational Consumer Tips

Prepaid Entertainment Contract Act 0hio - BBB General Information

Author: Better Business Bureau

BBB industry tips are general in nature and are not based on our BBB file experience with this company. According to information provided by the Ohio Attorney General's Office on Ohio consumer protection laws: "The Prepaid Entertainment Contract Act (1976) protects consumers who sign contracts with health spas, dance studios, diet centers, dating services and martial arts schools by providing a three-day "cooling off,' period during which the contract can be cancelled. Under Ohio law, consumers who sign health club or other prepaid entertainment contracts have certain rights: - You have three days after the first service is available under the contract to cancel and get your money back. - If the facility is not open for business, you have seven days after the first service to cancel. If you decide to cancel after one use of the facility, the business can keep no more than $10. - If the business does not open within 180 days after you sign the contract, you are entitled to a refund of what you have already paid. - The facility cannot require you to pay more than $50 or 10 percent of the total contract - whichever amount is less - in advance of opening. - If the business relocates 25 miles or more away from your home, or if you move 25 miles or more away from the facility, you are entitled to a proportional refund based on the time remaining on your contract. The only exception is if a similar facility within 25 miles of your home takes over the contract. - If you become disabled and can no longer benefit from the self-improvement services, you are entitled to a proportional refund based on the time remaining on your contract. - If you properly cancel the contract, the business must make the refund within 10 business days of receiving your notice. If it does not make this refund, you can sue for twice the amount owed plus attorney's fees."