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Attorneys Lawyers Legal Services Complaints

Author: Better Business Bureau

BBB can pursue billing disputes concerning legal services that do not involve underlying competency issues. This includes attorneys, lawyers, or law firms acting as collection agents or debt collectors. However, BBB can not pursue disputes concerning the competency of attorneys, lawyers or law firms.

If you want to obtain a background report on an attorney, lawyer or law firm you may wish to contact the Bar Association in the community or state in which they are located. If the attorney, lawyer or law firm is located in Columbus, you may contact the Columbus Bar Association at (614)221-4112.

If they are located in Ohio, you may wish to check with the Ohio State Bar Association at (614)487-2050. Another source of information is the Attorney Registration Desk of the Supreme Court of Ohio at (614) 387-9320. This office provides information on attorneys registered in Ohio, including whether or not there has been any state disciplinary action against them.

Inquiries and complaints about the competency of legal services may be addressed by The Clients' Security Fund, an agency of The Supreme Court of Ohio at the following address: Ohio Judicial Center, 65 South Front Street, 5th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431. Telephone Number: 614-387-9390 (1-800-231-1680 in Ohio only) or online at The Disciplinary Council of the Ohio Supreme Court at (614) 461-7205, also accepts complaints concerning attorneys registered in Ohio.