Marketing Tools

BBB Seal
Identify your BBB Accreditation using traditional and interactive versions of this recognized symbol of marketplace trust. Display magnets on vehicles, decals on storefronts, certificates inside, bid stickers on work estimates, include it in printed materials and on social media pages. 


BBB Store
Download free graphic design files in a variety of formats that you can use for marketing purposes and purchase additional items to market your BBB Accreditation. 

BBB Business Review
Update your business's information, upload photos/videos, and add links to your business's social media pages on your business review.

BBB Customer Reviews
Using BBB Customer Reviews are a great way to open up conversation with your consumers and allow potential clients to see your commitment to them.

Marketing Programs
Online Directory
Each day, thousands of people search for businesses they can trust on our website. As an Accredited Business, your company's Business Review is listed as part of our Accredited Business Directory-one of the top spots consumers look for someone to do business with.

Google SES Program
The BBB Search Engine Solution (SES) Sponsorship is a low-cost, highly effective Google™ advertising opportunity for your business. It’s designed to increase your business’ online visibility, promote your BBB Accreditation and to drive consumers, searching on Google™ for products and services, directly to your business.

Billboard Campaign
Your BBB has teamed up with Clear Channel Outdoor to offer our Accredited Businesses the opportunity to join the
Look for the Seal campaign and partner with our BBB on electronic billboards located in the Central Ohio area.

Sponsored Listings
To help further increase your company’s visibility, we’re now offering you the opportunity to showcase your business
as a Sponsored Business above the Accredited Business listings in your business categories.

TV Campaign
BBB runs TV Ad Campaigns during certain times of the year, and as an Accredited Business, you have the opportunity
to participate and showcase your company's Accreditation.