BBB Accredited Business Profile



(614) 249-7111


92 years in business
1 Nationwide Plz
Columbus, OH 43215-2226
Fax Numbers
  • (614) 249-1451
  • (866) 882-0370
  • (614) 575-2658
Additional Phone Numbers
  • (614) 249-6523
  • (806) 351-8363
  • (614) 679-0347
  • (740) 622-2131
  • (800) 882-2822
  • (215) 331-6400
  • (864) 578-7100
  • (479) 783-2801
  • (614) 575-2643
  • (714) 989-0555
BBB File Opened: 09/01/1955
Business Started: 01/01/1926
Business Incorporated: 10/01/2016 in OH
Type of Entity
Business Management
  • Mr. Steve Rasmussen, CEO
  • Mr. Scott W Boyer, Owner/Agent
  • Ms. Jasmine Y. Green, VP, Chief Customer Advocate
  • Mr. Robert A. Oakley, Exec. V.P. - CFO
  • Mr. Mark Pizzi, President
  • Ms. Jennifer B. Square, Director, Customer Relations, Office of Customer Advocacy (OCA)
  • Mr. Mark R. Thresher, CFO
  • Mr. Grady E. Williams, VP, Chief Compliance Officer

Contact Information
  • Customer Service: Ms. Kristie Lynch, Manager of Operations
Business Category
  • Insurance
  • Bank
  • Insurance Companies
  • Accident Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Crop Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Senior Insurance

Service Area
We service the following area(s): Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
Alternate Business Names
  • 1717 Advisory Services, Inc.
  • 1717 Brokerage Services, Inc.
  • A Plus Insurance Services Incorporated
  • AGMC Reinsurance, Ltd.
  • Allied General Agency Company
  • Allied Group, Inc.
  • Allied Insurance
  • Allied Property and Casualty Insurance Company
  • Allied Texas Agency, Inc
  • AMCO Insurance Company
  • American Marine Underwriters, Inc
  • Atlantic Floridian Insurance Company
  • Audenstar Limited
  • Boyer Insurance, LLC
  • Cal-Ag Insurance Services, Inc.
  • CalFarm Insurance Agency
  • Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company
  • Corviant Corporation
  • Crestbrook Insurance Company
  • Depositors Insurance Company
  • DVM Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Eastwood Insurance
  • F & B, Inc.
  • Farmland Mutual Insurance Company
  • Freedom Specialty Insurance Company
  • FutureHealth Corporation
  • FutureHealth Holding Company
  • FutureHealth Technologies Corporation
  • Gardiner Point Hospitality, LLC
  • Harleysville Group Inc.
  • Harleysville Insurance
  • Harleysville Life Insurance Company
  • Harleysville Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Harold Parsons Insurance Agency
  • Insurance Intermediaries, Inc
  • Intervent USA, Inc.
  • Jefferson National Financial Corp.
  • Jefferson National Life Insurance Company
  • Kenneth Rhodes Agency
  • Life REO Holdings, LLC
  • Lone Star General Agency, Inc
  • Mullin TBG Insurance Agency Services, LLC
  • National Casualty Company
  • National Casualty Company of America, Ltd.
  • National Deferred Compensation
  • National Deferred Compensation, Inc.
  • Nationwide Advantage Mortgage
  • Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company
  • Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America
  • Nationwide Affordable Housing, LLC
  • Nationwide Agribusiness
  • Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Alternative Investments, LLC
  • Nationwide Asset Management Holdings
  • Nationwide Asset Management LLC
  • Nationwide Assurance Company
  • Nationwide Auto Insurance
  • Nationwide Bank
  • Nationwide Better Health, Inc.
  • Nationwide Cash Management Company
  • Nationwide Community Development Corporation, LLC
  • Nationwide Corporation
  • Nationwide Document Solutions, Inc.
  • Nationwide Emerging Managers, LLC
  • Nationwide Exclusive Agent Risk Purchasing Group, LLC
  • Nationwide Financial Assignment Company
  • Nationwide Financial Institution Distributors Agency, Inc.
  • Nationwide Financial Services Capital Trust
  • Nationwide Financial Services, Inc.
  • Nationwide Financial Structured Products, LLC
  • Nationwide Fund Advisors
  • Nationwide Fund Distributors LLC
  • Nationwide Fund Management LLC
  • Nationwide General Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Global Funds
  • Nationwide Global Holdings, Inc.
  • Nationwide Global Ventures, Inc.
  • Nationwide Indemnity Company
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Nationwide Insurance Company of America
  • Nationwide Insurance Company of Florida
  • Nationwide International Underwriters
  • Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC
  • Nationwide Investment Services Corporation
  • Nationwide Life and Annuity Company of America
  • Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Life Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Life Insurance Company of America
  • Nationwide Life Insurance Company of Delaware
  • Nationwide Life Tax Credit Partners 2007-A, LLC
  • Nationwide Lloyds
  • Nationwide Management Systems, Inc.
  • Nationwide Mutual Capital I, LLC
  • Nationwide Mutual Capital, LLC
  • Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Mutual Funds
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Private Equity Fund, LLC
  • Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Provident Holding Company
  • Nationwide Realty Investors, Ltd.
  • Nationwide Realty Management, LLC
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc.
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. of Arizona
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. of Ohio
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. of Texas
  • Nationwide SA Capital Trust
  • Nationwide Sales Solutions, Inc.
  • Nationwide Securities, LLC
  • Nationwide Separate Accounts, LLC
  • Nationwide Services for You, LLC
  • Nationwide Speciality Health
  • Nationwide Variable Insurance Trust
  • Newhouse Capital Partners, LLC
  • Newhouse MD LLC
  • Newhouse Special Situations Fund I, LLC
  • NF Reinsurance Ltd.
  • NFS Distributors, Inc.
  • NWD Asset Management Holdings, Inc.
  • NWD Investment Management, Inc.
  • NWD Management & Research Trust
  • Olentangy Reinsurance Company
  • Pension Associates, Inc.
  • Premier Agency, Inc.
  • Provestco, Inc.
  • RCMD Financial Services, Inc.
  • Registered Investment Advisors Services, Inc.
  • Retention Alternatives Ltd.
  • Riverview Alternative Investment Advisors, LLC
  • Riverview International Group, Inc.
  • Riverview International Group, Inc.
  • Scottsdale Indemnity Company
  • Scottsdale Insurance Company
  • Scottsdale Surplus Lines Insurance Company
  • TBG Aviation, LLC
  • TBG Danco Insurance Services Corporation
  • TBG Financial & Insurance Services Corp.
  • TBG Insurance Services Corporation
  • The Cornerstone Agcy LLC
  • The Healthcare Fund LDC
  • THI Holdings (Delaware), Inc.
  • Titan Auto Insurance
  • Titan Auto Insurance of New Mexico, Inc.
  • Titan Indemnity Company
  • Titan Insurance Company
  • Titan Insurance Services, Inc.
  • V.P.I. Services, Inc.
  • Veterinary Pet Insurance
  • Veterinary Pet Insurance
  • Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)
  • Veterinary Pet Insurance Company
  • Victoria Automobile Insurance Co.
  • Victoria Financial Group
  • Victoria Fire & Casualty
  • Victoria Fire and Casualty
  • Victoria Insurance Company
  • Victoria National Insurance Company
  • Victoria Select Insurance
  • Victoria Specialty Insurance Company
  • VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance)
  • VPI Pet Insurance
  • VPI® Pet Insurance
  • Washington Square Administrative Services, Inc.
  • Western Heritage Insurance Company
  • Whitehall Holdings, Inc.
  • WI of Florida, Inc.
  • William A. Papas Insurance Agency

Licensing, Bonding or Registration
This business is in an industry that may require professional licensing, bonding or registration. BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met.
Number of Employees: 

BBB Accreditation

Nationwide has maintained 62 years 7 months of continuous BBB Accreditation.

BBB Accredited Since 09/01/1955

BBB has determined that Nationwide meets Standards of BBB Accreditation, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

BBB accreditation does not mean that the business's products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business's product quality or competency in performing services.

Standards of BBB Accreditation

An accredited business or organization agrees to:
  1. Have been operational (actively selling products or services) in any BBB service area for at least the most recent 6 months, unless the principle(s) previously operated a similar business with an eligible record (one that qualifies for BBB accreditation).
  2. Fulfill contracts signed and agreements reached.
  3. Be free from government action that demonstrates a significant failure to support BBB ethical principles in marketplace transactions (this requires a determination by BBB as to the nature of any violation, whether it was caused or condoned by management, and actions taken to resolve underlying issues that led to the government action).
  4. Be free of an unsatisfactory rating and maintain at least a B rating at the accrediting BBB and the BBB where it is headquartered, if different.
  5. In its relationship with BBB:
    1. meet all applicable standards within this Code of Business Practices
    2. cooperate with BBB's activities and efforts to promote voluntary self- regulation within the business' industry
    3. honor any settlements, agreements or decisions reached as an outcome of a BBB dispute resolution process
    4. complete the required application and pay all monetary obligations to BBB in a timely manner
An accredited business or organization agrees to:
  1. Follow federal, state/provincial and local advertising laws.
  2. Abide by the BBB Code of Advertising. Supply, upon request, substantiation for advertising and selling claims. Correct advertising and selling practices, when recommended by BBB.
  3. Adhere to applicable BBB industry codes of advertising.
  4. Cooperate with BBB self-regulatory programs for the resolution of advertising disputes.
  5. Use the BBB name and logos in accordance with BBB policy.
  6. Avoid misleading customers by creating the false impression of sponsorship, endorsement, popularity, trustworthiness, product quality or business size through the misuse of logos, trustmarks, pictures, testimonials, or other means
An accredited business or organization agrees to:
  1. Make known all material facts in both written and verbal representations, remembering that misrepresentation may result not only from direct statements but by omitting or obscuring relevant facts.
  2. Ensure that any written materials are readily available, clear, accurate and complete.
An accredited business or organization agrees to:
  1. Upon request, provide BBB with all information required to evaluate compliance with BBB standards. This may include, but is not limited to business name, address and contact information; names and background of principles; business and banking references; licensing and/or professional accreditation; and a complete description of the nature of the business.
  2. Clearly disclose to customers:
    1. direct and effective means to contact the business
    2. terms of any written contract
    3. any guarantees or warranties accompanying a product
    4. any restrictions or limitations imposed (e.g. limited supply,maximum number available per customer)
    5. the business' return/refund policy
    6. any recurring commitment into which the customer may be entering, including information on how future billing will occur
    7. total cost of the transaction, including tax, shipping and handling, and other related charges
  3. If selling products or providing services on Web sites or via other electronic means:
    1. provide any required product labeling information
    2. disclose the nature and terms of shipping, including any known delays or shortages of stock
    3. provide an opportunity to review and confirm the transaction before the sale is completed
    4. provide a receipt summarizing the transaction after the purchase
An accredited business or organization agrees to:
  1. Fulfill contracts signed and agreements reached.
  2. Honor representations by correcting mistakes as quickly as possible.
An accredited business or organization agrees to:
  1. Promptly respond to all complaints forwarded by BBB by:
    1. Resolving the complaint directly with the complainant and notifying BBB, or
    2. Providing BBB with a response that BBB determines:
      1. is professional,
      2. addresses all of the issues raised by the complainant,
      3. includes appropriate evidence and documents supporting the business' position, and
      4. explains why any relief sought by the complainant cannot or should not be granted.
  2. Make a good faith effort to resolve disputes, which includes mediation if requested by BBB. Other dispute resolution options, including arbitration, may be recommended by BBB when other efforts to resolve a dispute have failed. BBB may consider a business' willingness to participate in recommended dispute resolution options in determining compliance with these standards.
  3. Comply with any settlements, agreements or decisions reached as an outcome of a BBB dispute resolution process.
  4. Cooperate with BBB in efforts to eliminate the underlying cause of patterns of customer complaints that are identified by BBB.
An accredited business or organization agrees to:
  1. Respect Privacy
    Businesses conducting e-commerce agree to disclose on their Web site the following:
    1. what information they collect,
    2. with whom it is shared,
    3. how it can be corrected,
    4. how it is secured,
    5. how policy changes will be communicated, and;
    6. how to address concerns over misuse of personal data.
  2. Secure Sensitive Data
    Businesses that collect sensitive data online (credit card, bank account numbers, Social Security number, salary or other personal financial information, medical history or records, etc.) will ensure that it is transmitted via secure means.Businesses will make best efforts to comply with industry standards for the protection and proper disposal of all sensitive data, both online and offline.
  3. Honor Customer Preferences
    Businesses agree to respect customer preferences regarding contact by telephone, fax and e-mail, and agree to remedy the underlying cause of any failure to do so.
An accredited business or organization agrees to:
  1. Avoid involvement, by the business or its principles, in activities that reflect unfavorably on, or otherwise adversely affect the public image of BBB or its accredited businesses.

BBB Accreditation Reviews

BBB routinely monitors its files on all Accredited Businesses to affirm that they continue to meet all BBB Accreditation Standards

BBB Accreditation Process

Not every business is eligible for BBB Accreditation. Businesses must meet, commit to and maintain the BBB Code of Business Practices (Accreditation Standards)  in order to be eligible for and maintain BBB Accreditation. The BBB Code of Business Practices represents sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business. The Code is built on the BBB Standards for Trust, eight principles that summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business.

In order to be eligible for Accreditation a business must complete an Accreditation application.

Upon receipt of a fully completed BBB Application for Accreditation, BBB staff:

  • Reviews the application
  • Researches the business
  • Verifies the information presented in the application
  • May request additional information
  • May request proof of specific information on the application
After the review and verification process, BBB will then evaluate if the business meets the BBB Code of Business Practices (Accreditation Standards)..

Once BBB has finished its evaluation, the application for BBB Accreditation is either approved or denied. If the applicant is found in compliance with the BBB Code of Business Practices it will be presented to the BBB Board of Directors, or a committee of that board, for final approval. If the application is denied, BBB will contact the applicant, indicating the BBB Standard(s) that were not met and any recourse available to the applicant.




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