BBB Guest Blogger: Integrated Employee Benefit Solutions

Telemedicine: the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.

Trucking companies all across the Midwest are using the Telemedicine platform. Telemedicine is not new, but a state-of-the-art zero co-pay no cost telemedicine is completely revolutionary. This will give all trucking companies and ALL employees (full and part-time) access to free professional medical advice and prescription services at no cost. This will have the following effect:


1. Immediately begin to lower employee and employer premiums by as much as 30% (see article)

2. Allow ALL employee and their families access to professional medical advice and prescriptions that they might not have access to or require a visit to the ER, Urgent care or primary care doctors (at a significant cost and co-pay)

3. Reduce absenteeism and keep your drivers on the road and out of the emergency room and urgent care centers unless necessary.

4. Increase employee retention – we’ll private label this no cost benefit under your company’s name


Please see the article below for a more complete description of what we’re seeing in this area of healthcare:


Most telemedicine programs are poorly utilized for the following reasons:

1. High co-pay (as much as $39) and administrative costs ($10 per employee per month).

2. Complete lack of employee and corporate awareness


These two problems have been solved. There is a telemedicine program that eliminates the cost of providing the program and comes with a robust ready to go employee educational and awareness campaign that is designed to increase utilization of the Telemedicine program driving your medical and prescription costs down.  


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