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Crabgrass and Pre-emergent

There is a lot of disagreement on crabgrass and how to control it. I get lots of questions on this subject every year. This blog post should be helpful.

  • Crabgrass is a genus of plants in the grass family native to tropical and warm temperate regions.

  • Getting rid of crabgrass completely is next to impossible.

  • When spring soil temperatures reach 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit, the first crabgrass seed will germinate.

  • The best way to eliminate crabgrass in your lawn is to prevent crabgrass from germinating.

  • Apply a pre-emergent crabgrass herbicide about two weeks before crabgrass seeds begin to germinate.

  • It is okay to re-apply a pre-emergent in summer, but not if you plan to overseed in the fall.

This is just a starting point on the course of action to understand and prevent crabgrass.




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