4 Common Business Problems - And How To Solve Them

Small businesses, especially startups, experience new challenges every day.

But whether you’re a startup, a small business of many years, or a family-run operation, you may all be facing similar issues. Addressing these problems early and working toward solving them could make your business (and you) healthier and happier.


According to Constant Contact, here are some common challenges small businesses deal with and some solutions to help overcome them:

  1. You’re facing burn-out. No matter how hard you try to de-stress, you cannot escape your workplace worries. It’s hard to focus, come up with new ideas or get excited before going to work each day. With a family business, your work-life and personal family time are often blended without much separation, making things even more difficult.

    What can you do?
    Focus on hiring quality employees that can give you the help you need. Delegating your responsibilities can help you focus on your priorities and help your business run smoother.

    When you’re at home, be sure to take time to disconnect. Even if it is difficult to step away, set aside time to spend with your family. Consider taking a walk without your phone, trying some gentle exercise or meditation.

  2. You have hit your slow season. Some small businesses are seasonal and struggle to find work during the “off” part of their year. This can leave you feeling desperate and hopeless, wondering how you’ll pay the bills while you wait for spring to come again.

    What can you do?

    Consider reaching out to your current audience for some assistance. During this time, send out special deals and promotions through email marketing. Are you having a holiday sale, or can you give a current client a discount for referring a new customer to you? Ramp-up your social media usage to encourage more engagement and remind everyone that you are here and open for business, no matter the season.

  3. You are having trouble adapting to changing trends in your industry. For older business owners or small businesses that have been in the family for generations, fighting to stay relevant might be a battle you face every day. Consumer wants and needs are constantly changing, so keeping-up is a must.

    What can you do?

    Have an open mind and be willing to try new things. You may have been hesitant about getting a Facebook or Linkedin page, but digital and online marketing has become a key way to promote your business. Look at your competitors to see what they are doing differently.

    Finally, join a local networking group or chamber so you can meet other business owners and learn from them. What suggestions can they give to you?

  4. You’ve got one foot in, and one foot out. Unless you’re doing The Hokey-Pokey, this could potentially be an issue. With a startup business, being fully committed is a common problem when funds and other factors are holding you back. Maybe you still have the mentality that your dream-business is a part-time gig, or you have another job that takes up most of your time during the day.

    What can you do?

    Figure out when it’s time to fully jump in. This might mean taking a pay-cut or altering your lifestyle to accommodate your business, but will your business ever grow if you don’t give it 100%? Think about what is best for you, and go for it.

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Source: Constant Contact