BBB Guest Blogger: Buckeye Home Inspector

A Waterproofing System:

What is it? Well most people feel it is drainage tile for the basement area of their home and includes the sump pump and discharge piping away from the foundation/sealing of the exterior foundation walls. Partially correct.

A waterproofing system starts at the roof of your home (gutter and downspouts) and continues to a discharge point well away from the foundation.

Proper drainage/grading away from the home is just as important as any other inspected item and is often overlooked or taken lightly. That is a costly oversight of around 15 to 20k when the foundation fails.

Trees planted within 6' of a foundation wall is a real problem with modern homes and tons of beautiful landscaping, Yes it does look really nice, but at what cost?

Little attention is paid to the gutter systems of a home, allowing water to fall straight down to the over dig area of the home (excavated area to dig out your foundation). This is disturbed soil after the dig, and settles for 15 to 20 years thereafter. If you don't keep a proper grade around the home, water ends up pooling from the gutters and rain run off right next to your foundation.

Edged flower beds and thick mulch look really nice, I agree. However, in reality it creates a deep pooling area for water to lay trapped. Paver patios are beautiful but in order to properly install them, the ground needs to be dug out to a depth of around 8" deep and sand installed for leveling. Well you just installed a mini swimming pool right against your foundation.

With the ground settling around your home from the over dig and the paver area 8" deep where do you think all that water is going? Correct! Right in your basement taking all that soot and dirt with it to clog your existing waterproofing system. Most patios do not have a drain tile installed for drainage. Foundation companies love to see this! And as you can see below, that is not a phone call any of us want to make.




This guest blog was written by Charles Hampton, owner of Buckeye Home Inspector, a BBB Accredited Business.

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