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The EthicalEnterprisingTM Trust Assessment.


An employee-centric survey of organizational trust indicators.

Web-based and very low cost; for firms having 11-11,000 employees.

Completely confidential to the firm and protects employee identity.

Identifies the real problems and real strengths for real performance.

Provides a diagnostic summary report to aid leaders in making great changes.


Take the EthicalEnterprisingTM Trust Assessment.

An ethical enterprise builds trust and higher performance in the marketplace!

Study after study of organizations over the last two decades has provided ample evidence that high trust organizations generate:


      • Greater productivity in the workforce

      • Creativity (innovation) in the workplace

      • Loyal employees (lower turnover)

      • Committed suppliers & vendors

      • Repeat business and newly referred business


Effective leaders know that they are simply guessing and assuming they are a high trust enterprise unless they actually measure the current employee trust culture.

It is easy – Employees are directed to a unique, company confidential URL.


It is quick – It will take an employee about 15 minutes to complete.


It is confidential – Employees take the survey anonymously; only aggregated responses are used to generate a summary report.


It is easy to determine progress – The survey can be taken annually,

with comparative data and trend data subsequently available.


It is low cost – Organizations pay $50-$600 based on the size of the organization.


It is a turn-key program for leadersTemplates are provided for leader’s communications to employees. Instructions are provided to help initiate the survey, interpret the results, and guide plans for building an even more ethical enterprise.