4/15/2014 I do not recommend living in an area that has to use energy cooperative as service providers. They add in all these miscellaneous cost to your bill and do not provide the best service. Our electrics cuts off on a daily basis. I come home to find clocks flashing. Certain electronics had to be replaced because they were not shut off properly. Not only does the electric cuts off but we have too many power outages that last more that 4-5 hours. We pay our bills on time even with the added fees but what are we paying for. The money should be used to improve service in which it doesn't look that way at all. I have kids that I need to keep warm. We live in ohio this is normal weather. There is no way that this should be happening. Now on to the gas. My problem with the gas is that they are charging a fixed cost of 85 a month along with the gas that you use. I never heard of anything like that. What happen to you pay for what you use.I definitely would NOT recommend renting or buying any area that uses energy cooperative.
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by Laurence C. on 4/15/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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