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Educational Consumer Tips

Career Management Services

Author: Better Business Bureau

The BBB offers the following Consumer Information Tips on the general subject of Career Counseling or Consulting firms: Career Counseling or Consulting firms provide important and useful services including career counseling and qualification assessment; assistance in developing career goals, resume preparation, job search skills and employment interview guidance. They are not employment agencies. Their function is to prepare and assist you in finding your own job. Fees charged by these firms are earned by providing the consulting, advisory and related services described above. Their fees are generally not contingent upon the client actually obtaining employment. However, in some circumstances a portion of the fee charged by some firms is earned when the client accepts a position. Some Career Counseling or Consulting firms will occasionally also provide their clients with assistance in identifying key people in specific industries as well as providing leads, when available, to employers who have, or may have, actual job openings. However, unless these services are specifically written into the contract, there is no contractual obligation on the company's part to provide these services. As a general rule in any business transaction, the BBB advises consumers to be certain that all verbal promises of the services to be provided are specifically contained in any agreement or contract that you are asked to sign. The contract's terms and conditions are the governing document in the event of a dispute or disagreement.