Standard 7


Submit to the organization's governing body, for its approval, a written report that outlines the results of the aforementioned performance and effectiveness assessment and recommendations for future actions.

Information Needed from Charity to Determine Compliance:

The charity indicates, on a form provided by the Alliance, whether its board receives and approves a written report of the assessment conducted, as described in Standard 6.


In this standard, the Alliance seeks to confirm that an assessment is carried out. The standard does not seek to evaluate the quality and content of the assessment. Therefore, the Alliance will not typically request a copy of the charity's assessment report.

The following guidance may be useful to charities in developing reports. Both the assessment and the written report may be prepared by the charity's staff, a subcommittee of the board, an outside committee of volunteer experts, a paid consultant, other professionals or any combination of these, as directed by the charity's board. Elements of the report will typically include the following:

  • Identification of measurable goals and objectives. These goals will vary in number and nature from organization to organization and from time to time. A charity may have a numerical goal such as the number of individuals who receive assistance from the organization. Another may have an impact goal, such as influencing public policy on certain issues or improving the health of certain groups of individuals. Others may have financial goal(s) such as raising a certain volume of dollars for health research.

  • Consideration of how well the identified goals and objectives conform with the mission of the organization.

  • Description of the activities that the charity undertook in the past two years to address these objectives.

  • If applicable, measurement of the satisfaction of those who benefit from the charity's programs.

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the charity's activities in fulfilling its stated mission, goals and objectives.

  • Recommendations for future actions the charity might take based on the findings of the assessment. For example, if goals and objectives were not met, what might be done to improve performance? If goals and objectives were fully satisfied, what future goals and objectives might be identified?