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About BBB Accreditation for Charities.

BBB Charity Accreditation Program

Your local BBB Charity Accreditation Program is committed to helping charities succeed and encouraging donors to give and give wisely. The purpose of this program is to provide factual information about charities that donors may reasonably expect to evaluate before they give.

BBB Standards of Charity Accountability

Our 20 BBB Standards of Charity Accountability were developed by BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance (WGA). The standards were developed to encourage fair and honest solicitation practices, promote ethical conduct by charities and advance the support of philanthropy. BBB Standards of Charity Accountability were developed with assistance from representatives from charities, the accounting profession, grant making foundations, corporate contributions officers and other related organizations.

BBB’s charity reports demonstrate how a charity adheres to these standards and are made available to the public for free through BBB’s database.

BBB Standards of Charity Accountability measure four primary aspects of charity operations:

  1. Governance and oversight.
  2. Measuring effectiveness.
  3. Finances.
  4. Fundraising and informational materials.

BBB Charity Accreditation

Charitable organizations which meet all 20 BBB Standards of Charity Accountability become BBB Accredited Charities.

BBB Accredited Charities also qualify to participate in the BBB Accredited Charity Seal Program. This program encourages greater confidence in giving by offering local charities a unique and recognizable way to express their commitment to ethical standards and charitable accountability through displaying a special Accredited Charity Seal on their appeals for donations.

To learn more about the Standards for Charity Accountability, please click here.

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