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BBB Search is a new, powerful way people find your business on Be placed front-and-center in millions of searches each year in the categories you want to be seen in. Learn more about our BBB Search Advertising opportunities below.

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Listing Ads
Be placed prominently at the top or bottom in the category of your choice. 1st - 5th position placements are available for your business to spotlight itself on BBB Search inquiries. (See diagram below for position information.) Your listing ad rotates with other businesses, which have also purchased the same ad listing position.

Display Ads
These ads are banner displays that show up in the categories you choose. These ads are 1:1 ads that are prominently displayed on the right rail of BBB Search results. Display ads link users directly to your website.

Logo Ads
This advertisement opportunity sets you apart from other businesses in BBB Search results. Make a great first impression by ensuring people see your logo in BBB Search results. 

Cities Served
Make sure the right people are seeing your ads. Target cities and towns you serve in BBB Search advertisements with our Cities Served program.

Pricing for Listing Ads, Display Ads and Logo Ads depend on the popularity of the category and, in the case of Listing Ads, the position of the ad.* For more information, fill out this online form, and a BBB advertising consultant will reach out to you shortly. 

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*Additional categories are 50% off the listing price


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