Advantages of Accreditation

BBB® Accreditation sets your business apart as a leader in promoting marketplace trust. What else does BBB Accreditation mean? Here are the many ways BBB Accredited Business Services help your business grow.
Hand Shake Trust

People Trust You

BBB helps people find and recommend businesses, brands and charities they can trust. BBB Accredited Businesses meet and maintain BBB Standards for Trust, which include advertising honestly, making a good faith effort to resolve disputes and honoring promises. People recognize that the BBB Accredited Business seal stands for trust. Only BBB Accredited Businesses qualify to use this BBB trademark.



Industry Leaders

Be An Industry Leader

Being accredited puts you in an elite group of businesses that meets strict standards. It shows other non-accredited businesses that you are trustworthy and live up to a higher standard of business practices.




Greater Exposure

BBB offers many tools to increase your exposure. Every BBB Accredited Business is listed on and identified with the Accreditation Seal. Business Directory listings also include a link to your BBB Business Profile and contact information. Photos, videos and social media links can also be included in BBB Business Profiles to help businesses connect and engage potential customers.

BBB Accredited Businesses also qualify to be part of BBB’s Request-A-Quote program. This program delivers qualified leads from potential customers.



 Better Business

Build A Better Business

BBB offers resources such as valuable analytics through a personalized business login and informational library covering a wide variety of topics and more to help BBB Accredited Businesses excel and be the type of businesses consumers demand. BBB also publishes a magazine, as well as hosts monthly webinars on business topics of interest, such as expanding your brand in social media.




Be A Force For Good

BBBs support their Accredited Businesses by establishing a presence in their communities and helping to advance marketplace trust. With BBB Accreditation, you show the world you are committed to being honest and ethical in all business practices. BBB also provides free professional speakers on a variety of topics.



live chat 

Get Individualized Support

Each BBB Accredited Business receives personal, ongoing support from a local representative who will assist them with questions, understanding opportunities, and getting the most from their accreditation. BBB also offers free live chat services during business hours. 



Customer Relationships 

Build Better Customer Relationships

BBBs help BBB Accredited Businesses manage customer concerns before they hit a critical level, which include lawsuits or negative media attention. BBB also provides businesses and consumers with alternative dispute resolution services, such as mediation and arbitration.


Do you qualify? Apply for BBB Accreditation now.