It's National Sugar Cookie Day!

Tips from BBB Vice President on How to Make Sugar Cookies in 17 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Hire People that you want to actually make sugar cookies for.

This step might be the most time consuming.  But when you get an awesome staff you find that when quirky things, like National Sugar Cookie Day comes along, you want to stay up and make sugar cookies for these rock stars you work with every day!

Step 2: Google “Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER”

Step 3: Review the ingredients listed and check your fridge and cabinets

Step 4. High five your awesome self because you actually have all of these ingredients and they aren’t expired

Step 5: Take a selfie

 Step 6: Clean up the flour that dumped all over because you knocked it over while taking your selfie

Step 7:  add flour to the grocery list.

Step 8: Notice these two knuckle heads think you’re making cookies for National Give Your Dogs Sugar Cookies Day

(Sydney and Sam-I-Am obviously trying to hypnotize me to give them the cookies)


Step 9:  Prepare the cookies for their ultimate mission. (* while I’m writing this, I realize now that the staff will notice how many cookies were made and might compare how many actually came into the office)


 Step 10: Clean Up. (sort of) And yes that is a tiny cement mixer truck in the background. (no one mentioned this post was also a game of I Spy?)


 Step 11: Catch up on your favorite reading


Step 12:  Fall asleep reading such riveting material and jolt awake realizing you didn’t set the timer for the cookies.  Curse your oven for not just knowing you never remember to set the time and just beeping on its own.

Step 13: Speedy Gonzales yourself out to the kitchen and find –no worries- “Everything is Awesome”


Step 14: Note that you officially have the Lego movie theme song stuck in your head. But it’s okay. A worthy theme song for this project.

Step 15: Let the cookies cool. Put them on a plate, wrap them up, and GO PUT THEM IN YOUR CAR NOW to hide the evidence from your family (and yourself).

Step 16: Whip up a batch of cinnamon bread to explain the smell of heaven emanating from your kitchen.

Step 17: Take them to the office and win the 2014 Most Awesome VP Award.  But really you’re just happy that the people you work with are happy and hope they know how great they are.

Enjoy! - Jessica Tharp