Definition of a Marketplace Issue


 Complaint must relate to a marketplace issue

The complaint must deal with marketplace issues, which involve the buying or selling of products/services. Marketplace issues include allegations of problems with a product/service or complaints that are based on alleged business misrepresentations or violation of business policy.

Marketplace issues do not include the following:

• Employer/employee disputes.

• Complaints against government agencies unless the government operates a utility and the complaint involves administrative matters such as billing.

• Complaints against individuals who are not engaged in a business (e.g., a person who sells his personal car through a classified advertisement).

• Complaints alleging discrimination or violation of similar statutory/constitutional rights.

• Complaints alleging criminal violations by business employees except for complaints alleging theft by business employees while performing services.

• Complaints raising issues concerning the competency of doctors, dentists, licensed therapists, veterinarians, Certified Public Accountants (Chartered Accountants in Canada) and lawyers. However, this does not include billing disputes that do not involve underlying competency issues.

• Complaints that challenge the validity of local, state or federal law. For example, BBBs would not accept a complaint against a cable business seeking a change in rates set by law. BBB would accept a complaint against a cable business alleging its charges were inaccurately computed in accordance with applicable rates.