Implementing the Code of Advertising

This Old Bird…
This old bird has been around for just about as long as BBB has been doing Advertising Review, over 90 years. In the beginning we challenged ads for miracle medical cures, easy money making opportunities, and gas saving devices. The more things change, the more they stay the same!
BBB Standards rely on a Voluntary Code of Advertising, each month we will share information and recent activity in our ongoing efforts to deliver trust in the marketplace.

Because of recent economic circumstances, we have seen a flip from challenging ad claims of “lowest prices” to challenging claims of “highest prices paid”. These claims are made by swap shops, consignment shops, gold and precious metal buyers, pawn shops, traveling antique and collectable shows, and auctions. The latter made even more popular by reality type television shows. Everyone is cleaning out the attic looking for hidden treasure. But whether its highest or lowest price claims, the BBB standard still applies
BBB Code of Advertising states, “Despite an advertiser's best efforts to ascertain competitive prices, the rapidity with which prices fluctuate and the difficulty of determining prices of all sellers at all times preclude an absolute knowledge of the truth of generalized underselling/lowest (highest) price claims. Advertisers should have proper substantiation for all claims prior to dissemination; unverifiable price claims should be avoided.”

So unless a buyer/seller can positively prove that no one is buying/selling for a higher/lower price at any given moment in time, these claims should be avoided at all cost. Remember to forward your advertising questions to BBB before you run the ad or campaign and we will help build trust with your customers thru truth in advertising.